Amazing Healthy hair tips every girl should know

A beautiful face for a girl is not enough until she wears her crowning glory which is basically her hair. No matter how beautiful her face is, having good and healthy hair is a compliment to all the face features she carries. Remember when our moms used to massage our hair with a lot of hot oil and we always had this habit of running away? Undoubtedly, we all have faced the similar situation. But, thanks to all the moms today who has made our scalp and roots strong enough to make our hair rest in them despite the dusty environment we survive in today.

“There is no compromise in beauty for any lady on the earth”

Where some of the girls intend to have long hair, others desire for short-length but healthy, glossy and full of life hair. Good hair is not always an accident, instead requires a lot of effort. Embracing some of the natural tips can help you get hair that you might have always wished for.

Below are some of the effective and healthy hair tips one must follow:

01) Sleep

Either you intend to achieve a healthy glowing skin or healthy and strong hair, sleeping on time for about 8 hours is a must. No matter how expensive hair products you consume, it won’t give you the result unless you improve your sleeping habit.

*Combing your hair prior to going for sleep can help blood circulation that ultimately strengthens the hair, making it grow healthy and shiny.

02) Clean hair are healthy hair

A sulphate-free mildest shampoo is good if you desire to have healthy strong hair, but avoiding regular use is what most of the professionals suggest to people with dry hair. Research shows that washing away hair with shampoo on a regular basis takes away the natural oil from the hair, thereby making it brittle.In order to keep hair look healthy, use of regular shampoo is fine. But overdoing it may damage your hair

03) Avoid tangling

Girls are sometimes too impatient with tangles and damage them from the roots seriously. In order to tease out the tangles, it is suggested to utilize wide toothed comb to brush hair from roots to the tips to make sure that the natural oil from the scalp equally spreads all over the hair

04) Prevention from heat

This is one of the suggested healthy hair tips for those who turns on the temperature regularly to stylize their hair. It is actually bad for hair health. Even the heat from the blow dryer damages the hair from the roots, making them weak. Allowing your hair to dry natural is healthy hair tip.Even the heat from the hot water damages the scalp. Hence, hair professionals suggest avoiding heat and hot water to touch your scalp.

05) Hair spa and protein treatment

Healthy hair requires proper care, attention and of course deep conditioning once a week. Taking protein treatments either from the salon or out of the natural ingredients at your home can help you manage shiny and healthy hair. Despite the fancy product, natural products like olive oil, coconut oil and similar do the great job.

*For deep cleansing, warm up your favorite oil and massage to your scalp for at least 10-15 minutes. Now cover your head with a towel and let it stay for an hour or two. Wash away with slight warm water and a chemical-free shampoo.

*Homemade protein treatment is done by making of a protein rich mask. It includes 2 egg yolks mixed in lukewarm water (mashed avocado is an alternate). Massaging this mask once a week and wrapping the head with hot towel can provide a wonderful result after the first wash, i.e. almost after an hour

06) Trimming after every three months

Split ends are honestly worst thing to have. It not only makes the hair appear dry and damaged, but prevents them from growing longer. This is why, trimming hair after every three months is a need. It further assists the hair grow thicker.

07) Healthy diet

Spending out millions of dollars to get simple, silky and long hair and maintaining no healthy diet? All your money is a waste. If the inner you is beautiful, it will automatically be reflected in the outer you. For the growth of hair, eat foods and fruits that contains biotin, minerals, vitamins, proteins and essential fatty acids. Consuming nuts can assist one in achieving healthy looking shiny and bouncy hair.

Hair growth is your ultimate life goal? Follow the healthy hair tips and share if you have any other tried and tested tip in the comment box below!


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