Best Skin Care Tips for beautiful you

Taking care of our skin is one of the most important things. We expose our skin to various chemicals and it can get damaged much easier than any other part of our body. This is why taking car of it in the right way is vital for our health. there are different methods of taking care of skin but not all of them are safe. We will present to you several key steps for taking care of your skin and keeping it healthy.

01) Determine your skin type

Before we get into the tips for keeping your skin clean, the most important thing is to know your skin type. Once you determine your skin type it will be much easier to find the right products and adjust the routine to your skin type. Using wrong products for your skin type can cause short term and long term products, so make sure you visit your dermatologist before you go and buy something without knowing what you exactly need.

02) Keep your skin clean

The most important thing for your skin is keeping it clean. There are many different skin care products that you can choose from, but before you buy them make sure you know your skin type. When choosing skin care products, avoid buying products that have alcohol in them because they can cause your skin to become really dry and irritated. If you wear makeup every day, you need to clean the makeup of your face. If your skin is sensitive use mild products that won’t irritate your skin. You don’t have to clean your face too much because that might have an opposite effect on your skin. You can try cleaning your face with natural products like coconut oil or try using baby products pike baby oil to clean everything off. Find what suits you the best and include it in your routine.

03) Choose natural products

There are many different products on the market that are supposedly natural or use natural ingredients. But, if you want something genuine then try using natural oils to clean your face and tone it. Herbal teas like chamomile can be used as toners and to decrease any inflammation on your skin. Just dampen a cotton pad into warm tea and place it on your skin. To exfoliate your lips or skin, try mixing sugar with some honey and scrub your face.

04) Read the labels

Before applying something on your skin, read the label on the back. Do some research on the ingredients because some of them might be really dangerous. Avoid alcohol based products as well as the ones with a lot of chemicals. The best products are the natural ones because chemicals can cause various skin problems. It is always best to go natural if you can, so read the labels carefully.

05) Always take your makeup off

Sleeping with your makeup might sound like a good idea after a night out, but this is something you should never do. All the chemicals from makeup are going to get absorbed into your skin because this is the time when your skin is resting and regenerating. So, if you leave your makeup on you are just going to prevent your skin from rejuvenating and recovering.

06) Give your skin a day off

You might be a fan of makeup and you love wearing it, but letting your skin relax from once in a while is important. Also, give your skin a spa day and treat it with some nourishing treatments. Go get a facial massage and do something to help your skin breathe a little bit.

07) Exfoliate and moisturize regularly

Exfoliation helps our skin be more vibrant and gloving. You don’t have to exfoliate your skin daily, but it should be done at least twice a month. Moisturizing is also important because it helps to keep your skin healthy and young and keeps it looking elastic and full of glow. Moisturizing is important for all skin types and it needs to be done at least several times per week. Don’t worry if your skin is oily because there are moisturizers just for oily skin. Keeping your skin hydrated is going to make it look beautiful when you get older and it is going to have less wrinkles.

08) Visit dermatologist regularly

If you notice any changes on your skin, do not hesitate and visit the dermatologist. This is going to prevent any complications regarding your skin and help you be healthier. Having a professional taking a look at your skin is going to help you determine the right routine for your skin and to keep it nice and glowing.


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