How to Keep Your Skin Acne Free and Get a Clear skin

Smooth and Acne-free skin is the desire of every women on this planet where life exist. At the age of 14, girls are really excited to grow adult, but what really hurts them is the acne that occurs with puberty. Majority of girls across the world today claims to receive acne especially before they are to attend an event. Is it happening to you the same way? Getting and maintaining a clear skin and complexion is not really an easy task in the non- hygienic environment we survive today, especially if your skin type is oily. Secrets to healthy skin may help you in getting rid of breakouts, irritation and acne and grab a clear, smooth and a skin acne free.

Do you know it’s not just the oil from your skin that may become the reason behind the acnes that appear? It’s really not. Your skin is the most sensitive part of the body that is significantly influenced by your daily skin care routine to eating behavior and gym habits. Not giving yourself an 8 hours of sleep also influences the skin, making it appear pale.

I will be sharing some really effective and practical tips in order to fulfill your desire for getting a clear skin through this piece of content.

Home remedies for your Acne-free and clear skin

When acne appears on the face, it leaves it’s mark behind (a scar) that ultimately makes the beauties fail to achieve their clear skin goal. Following are some of the effective home remedies to get skin acne-free;

01) Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera gel can be considered as a multi-vitamin for the entire body since it helps in doing everything from encouraging hair growth to losing weight and maintaining a healthy skin. It is one of the quick remedies when it comes to dealing with acne scars and wounds. The procedure to apply the gel is quiet simple, i.e. apply the gel on spot or the juice and allow it to dry out.

02) Water

Where hydrating the body helps in losing weight, it also serves as an anti-aging since the dryness on the skin is prone to wrinkles and aging. In order to improve the texture of your skin, you should firstly keep your body hydrated (at least 8 glasses a day) and apply raw honey prior to sleeping. Sleeping etiquettes should also include application of non-pore clogging lotion.

03) Lettuce leaves

Among all the herbal remedies, lettuce leaves are considered as the most effective ones especially when the stubborn acne does not leave the skin clear. These leaves are usually for the purpose of bringing improvement on the pimply skin. Also this home remedy is quick and easy to implement. Just simmer lettuce leaves in the water for some time and use the water to wash away your face. Besides offering skin acne- free, the leaves are widely consumed in soothing the sunburn, windburn along with the roughness and dryness on the skin.

04) Oatmeal mask

Application of oatmeal mask is an effective home remedy to deal with acne as well as acne scars, especially when the oatmeal is cooked with egg and lemon juice. The antioxidants available in the oatmeal reduces the swelling whereas the acid in lemon kills the bacteria from the open pores. Comparatively, eggs add vitamin E that ensures that the skin remains tightened and hence appears perfectly.

05) Pop up the pimple

A majority of girls pop up the acne and think of having a skin acne- free, but this is only possible if you pop in the right manner. Rubbing hardly may damage the skin seriously. This is why there is a gentle way of doing it, i.e. Apply the heat and pressure received from running the towel under the hot water for a minute. Let the skin in the surrounding of your blemish go soft and repeat the process by swiping firmly. Ensure that you press the pimple to drain out and cover the area with a bandage until it heals.

Taking steam and rubbing of an ice are also effective home remedies in order to deal with sturdy acne that appears suddenly. Where steaming the face for more than a minute or two helps in removing the dust, dirt and oil from the skin, rubbing the ice cube prior to the application of an acne cream can further helps in getting rid of acne fast (i.e. without popping it).

“Research shows that one should avoid the touch on the skin since the bacteria received throughout the day may flood your face, resulting in acnes and breakouts” 

Since everyone has a secret to healthy and acne- free skin, we would love to hear yours in the comment box below!

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